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How to use this LYRICS?
(don't worry it's not BIG deal)

  • First you must have WinAMP player (you can  download it at )

  • Then you must have MP3 song for one of these lyrics (there are many songs on Internet, example:  Tom Jones - Kiss.mp3)

  • Of course, you need Lyrics files for your favorites MP3 songs. Download tagged lyrics from our site
    (in our case Tom Jones - Kiss.lrc)

  • Unzip lyrics files using WinZip (or any other archieve manager) in specific folder (example: c:\lyrics)

  • Also you need Kuo's Lyrics displayer (great plug-in for tagged lyrics)! Download it now :                   . For setup read vislyrics.txt (it's included in this zip file)

  • After you install this program in WinAMP plug-in directory run WinAMP and press <CTRL+K> to configure Kuo's Lyrics displayer. If your collection of  lyrics are in "c:\lyrics" directory, configuration should look like this:

  • Remember that LYRICS file & MP3 file must have same names (only file extension are different) !

        example: 1234.mp3 => 1234.lrc

        example: Coolio - 1234.mp3 => Coolio - 1234.lrc


  • When you finish these tasks play MP3 song in WinAMP and press <CTRL+Shift+K> to start Lyric displayer


  • If you do everything OK, it's should look like this:

  • For all questions, sugestions and comments e-mail us: