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* 24.12.2000.  100 tagged lyrics in just added section!
Holiday edition of our site!
We added search element (check out "ALL Lyrics").
You can expect new update very soon!
UPLOAD some lyrics and get credits on our site!
Holiday greetings to: Sagi Klein, mally2000, Adam Liwski, Bonita Smith, Ardi Riyansyah, The Buldge, Johnny, J. Skovboelle, Buletov frm Ri, MicKearney, mhk2000

* 06.10.2000
.  60 tagged lyrics added!
Many HIT songs in this update! New elements in design.
Credits and thanks to: Johnny, Dragan Koprena, Tihomir Pantovic, Edmund Khaw

* 19.08.2000.  COOL tagged Lyrics site
celebrates FIRST birthday online!
 tagged lyrics just added!
Best regards to uploaders: Irene, Adam T, Calico

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