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Please read through the FAQ to see if your question
is answered there. If it isn't scroll down
to the bottom of the page to contact us.


    How can I use lyrics from your site?

    * You can find explanation here.

    I did everything like you said in "How to" section but still don't work?

    * Remember that LYRICS file & MP3 file must have same names (only file    extension are different) !

example: 1234.mp3 => 1234.lrc

example: Coolio - 1234.mp3 => Coolio - 1234.lrc

    * Check the path of your lyrics (we recommand that your LRC and MP3    files should be in same folder).

    * See if your Lyrics displayer is configured correctly, use program    documentation.

    Lyrics displayer don't display lyrics correctly. What's wrong?

    * Maybe the versions of MP3 songs are different. Also take a look that is    song remix or not.

    What's for time-tag on the start of every line?

    * That is time which informs displayer when the lyrics in that line should    be dispalyed.

example: [01:22]lal la la laaa...

    I've tried to download lyrics but I get a "Geocities error"?

    * Try to copy URL shortcut and paste it into your download    manager/browser.

    Can I use CD tracks instead of MP3 files for time-tagged lyrics?

    * Yes, you can. But you must rename lyrics file to adequate name of CD    track.

example: Track01.cda => Track01.lrc

    How can I know when is your site updated?

    * You can subscribe on the bottom of our main page and receive all news    and updates via e-mail.

    Can I send you some of my lyrics?

    * You can send us any lyrics that we don't have. Check out "UPLOAD"    section.

    Can I download all your lyrics in one file?

    * No. We have spent many hours to make this lyrics and you can spend a    few seconds to download each one.

If you have any other questions about this site contact us: